Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Personal: Sensitivity and Sensational news on the telly

Vent: No, do not speak to me unless you have something pleasant or relevant to share.

Dear Grandmama,

I love you very much, but please forgive my reluctance to listen to the things you saw on the telly. I am not interested, at all, in rapists in France. I am sorry for that poor woman who then had to struggle six years between Australia and France, to and fro, for the court cases, but I am not her and I am not related to her in any way, and simply because I love France does not mean I wish to learn of these horrid stories. I am not half so in love with South Africa and I still choose to avoid the horrific news on the telly. Or whatever else people are talking about that the media might be suppressing. It is a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families, but surely it is pardonable to be someone who wishes rather not to know! There are enough people in the world to whom one can expose these crimes, but let me be not one of them. I cannot do anything to help and you are placing me in a position of helpless despair and nauseating disgust at humanity's idiocy and weak will to do good.

It is not personal. Please stop marching out when I tell you I do not wish to hear these things, and claim that you only wanted to innocently share what you had learned of my heartland. There's no need to blow the whole thing up. I simply do not like it and that's it. There's nothing more to it and I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell me of these horror stories. Tell them to Mother, or Brother, or the dear maid. But, I beg of you, not to me.


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