Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My 22nd Birthday Wish to the World

I have decided I no longer want to eat like a poor girl - toast and jam, and baked potato for variety. So, this morning, I'm having lightly steamed vegetables and sliced apple, with a side plate of buttered toast. Since making it all I have sinned a thousand times, apparently, and they're all squeezed into one offense: scooping excess butter back into the butter container. And since this little action, the kitchen has, without me in it, EXPLODED with my grandmother's fury.

My wish? Please stop exploding. Yes. What I did wasn't considerate of the prettiness of the butter container, but still... There is no rational reason for ANYONE at ANY TIME to go into a fit of passion and make others rue the day. She does not read my blog, and that's good, for I wouldn't dare confront her. Why? Because you have to respect the elderly and God be with you if you ever offend "your mother's mother" - no blasphemy intended.

Emotional awareness and control is so important and exploding family members are so very unsettling.

PS. I'm leaving this without tags so that it may get lost in the archives until I decide to delete all my rants.

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  1. Eish. Care not. Evade. Chill.

    - An old friend (:


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