Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fashion me after your Fantasy

Picking up on a topic touched this morning, I delve further into the realm of romantic idealism. As we consider our target audience when creating a product to sell to them, isn't it logical to consider our ideal lover and then fashion ourselves after the image that is his fantasy? Which, in turn, happens to be our ideal self, for that is simply how our minds have put two and two together: the perfect spouse to our perfect self, and vice versa.

Firstly, we are in love with well-rounded characters, are we not? To become such a character, one must pay acute attention to the following areas of life:

  • The Body: health and wellness, appearance, self-defense, and gentleness in touch.
  • The Mind: mindfulness, the ability to think rationally, well educated, a patient mentor and an eternal student.
  • The Heart: emotional stability, kindness and compassion, generosity within reason, consideration of others (etiquette), and courage.

Whether he be a musician, or only know one song on the piano is of little consequence. When a man, or a woman, possess awareness in these areas, they are on their way to success. At least, this is my idea of excellence.

If it is to be expected in a lover, one must rise to the standard.

The truth:
Oh, the anxiety is a bit much for me right now - I'd feel much safer thinking of myself as alone forever. I don't mind it. It feels comfortable and away from people who might hurt you, and whom you might disappoint. And I'd rather work on my own flaws in my own way without having others governing my life in any way. And for that reason, fearing the intimacy which gives my power away for my heart is ever so fragile, I've grown a cold, detached air. When in company I am no more friendly than is polite and I make sure to appear irreproachable, because being approached is ever so uncomfortable and nerve-wrecking.

My cowardice makes me seem a snob, which is true in a way, for my high standards to which I hold others and myself are often disappointed by those less academically ambitious than I am. But, lo and behold, my timidness when I am matched or surpassed. How shameful and nervous I feel then. And so, I seem to be trapped between complexes of veiled boredom and blushing inferiority.

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